Terms of Use

Between you and compendii UG (haftungsbeschränkt) - in the following „App Meister“ or „we“ - the following agreement will be made when using the site:

Object of agreement

App Meister offers the following functionality for usage:

  • the provision of categories that contain apps of similar nature, as well as pairwise comparisons that compare apps of similar nature criterially, and rankings that result from the relative ratings of apps and which can be adapted via the criteria according to individual preferences
  • the provision of profiles that allow the publication of personal information, the addition of apps to categories, the creation of pairwise comparisions according to criteria including justification (arguments, conclusion) and the option to "like" or "dislike" existing ratings
  • the publication of links to pairwise comparisons in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) via the respective buttons

Aim of App Meister is the provision of a platform for relative ratings of apps to help users find the best apps for their purpose. To foster this aim App Meister provides own comparisons of apps. App Meister is independent.

App Meister earns money via the affiliate program of Apple when users follow the "View in iTunes" button in the app details sections and purchase the linked app.


The usage of App Meister is possible without registration.

The registration is free and allows a participation within the community in the form of: visibility through publication of personal data within the scope of the profile, the addition of missing apps to categories, the creation of pairwise comparisons and the rating of other comparisons.

The registration requires an email address. The disclosure of further personal data is voluntarily. The data that you deposit with us will never be forwarded to third parties without your explicit permission.

In case of a login via Facebook we access the following data: birthday, gender, location.

Please notice our data protection policy.


You can leave App Meister at any time and without giving any reason. It suffices to click and confirm "Delete my account" in your profile. We will then delete all your personal data (profile).

App Meister reserves the right to delete your account without your consent in case of infringements against your rights (see below).

Contents that exceed your personal information - categorizations, pairwise comparisions, "likes" and "dislikes" - continue anonymized and may be processed by us further on.


With the usage of App Meister you declare to:

  • use the site contents only privately, non-commercially - the readout of contents programmatically (e.g. via crawlers a.o.) is prohibited
  • not publish any contents (texts, images, ...) that infringe upon law, rights of third parties or public policy; own the required rights on published contents and to discharge App Meister of any entitlements of third parties that may result out of infringements
  • carry out all by you untertaken actions - categorize, "like", a.o. - as well as all by you provided contents - profile statements, ratings, a.o. - only in your own name and with best conscience and knowledge
  • publish all connections to apps (e.g. if you are owner, employee, promoter, ... of a company producing, marketing, ... apps) in your profile; and not influence categories that list apps connected to you via the addition of comparisons or "likes" respectively "dislikes" of existing comparisons

In case of infringements upon these duties we reserve the right to change or delete contents without any premonition and to reprimand the creator. In case of changes of information this will be denoted by a publicly visible comment. In case of repeated incidents the profile of the creator will be deleted. His contents or parts of it stay on our site according to our discretion.


All information that you provide is owned by you.

Changing or deletion of it takes place only in case of infringements on above named duties. A publication of your information respectively inclusion of your comparions in our aggregation is subject to our approval. With your registration you grant us approval that we may use your information with regards to content - i.e. especially categorizations and comparisons, not the data from your profile - free and without any restrictions.

German law shall apply exlusively.


In case of liablity of compendii UG (haftungsbeschränkt) it is limited to only intent or gross negligence insofar laws to not disagree. Please note our imprint.