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Turns your iPhone into the best document scanner with Scandock. The only app with one-touch scan. With fewest clicks, you get excellent output auto-magically. Scandock produces the best output compared with other mobile scanning apps. - The only app that creates True Color output. Your scans will look so good just like the originals.* - Scan up to 10 objects in a single shot with the awesome Multi-Doc mode! Available exclusively in Scandock. - Everything is auto-magic. You get excellent output with fewest clicks possible. - Truly free. No annoying ads. No subscription. Comes with all the essential features: - Scan documents, business cards, receipts, bills, invoices. - Scan as JPEG or PDF - Email the output as JPEG or multi-page PDF - Auto-detect document edge, auto-crop, auto-correct perspective - Most advanced black and white conversion technique to create sharp and high-contrast images. - Enhance and optimize image quality - Convert to greyscale or black and white - The original image is always saved. You can always undo the change and revert to the original document. - Print with AirPrint - And a lot more! * True Color output is only available when used with the Scandock hardware sold separately on