Did you ever struggle to find a good app for the task you wanted to solve with your iPhone? You are not alone with this problem! Lots of similar apps flood the App Store and make it difficult to find the really good ones.

Therefore we created App Meister, the service to find the best iOS apps for your purpose. Together with our community we compare apps pairwise - one by one - in price, design and features. Out of the mass of comparisons we build rankings. You can adopt these rankings to your needs by weighting the criteria price, design and features and in this way choose the app that fits best to you! And if you have an app on your iPhone that bothers you just have a look on App Meister for a better alternative.

Enjoy App Meister - and help us by sharing your opinion about the apps you know by comparing them with their challengers!

The App Meister Team

The App Meister Team
The App Meister team: Benedikt, Jonathan, Michael, Christian and Claudius. Daniel is missing - he's currently abroad ...

The team behind App Meister consists of Jonathan Gumpp (industrial engineer, Institute of Technology Karlsruhe), Claudius Heitz (computer scientist, University of Freiburg), Daniel Heitz (graphic designer), Michael Sauter (computer scientist, Birkbeck College, University of London) as well as our two interns Benedikt Sattler (Hochschule Furtwangen University) and Christian Schlosser. Claudius had the basic idea and works as product manager, Michael is the chief developer and is responsible for most of the code, Daniel made the design and Jonathan developed the algorithm that builds the ranking. All stick their heads together when we improve the concept. Benedikt and Christian help us to find the best apps and compare them with their competitors. For the mobile website we got some support from Hans Reinl. Robert Zirk created our App Meister logo.

The German startup is trading under the name compendii UG (haftungsbeschr√§nkt) which comes from latin and stands for shortcut or advantage. The team has dedicated itself to decision support in fields with big diversity like products or services. App Meister is their first project in this area. It is funded by the German Federal Government Department for Economy by a so called EXIST Gr√ľnderstipendium and supported by the University of Freiburg and Campus Technologies Oberrhein (CTO), which helps to transfer innovative ideas from science to economy.

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